Haven’t seen a preseason game that exciting in a long time.

Shabazz could be a starter right now. It’s night and day how much better he is than Norris. 25 points, 4 assists, and closes out the game for the second night in a row.

Khem Birch really showed his defensive capabilities tonight. Absolutely love his rebounding. That said, he really is an offensive liability at times, especially as we saw with the turnovers from traveling. He’s somewhere between Joel Anthony and Ben Wallace, and could be really useful as a situational big.

The toughest decision that the team has to make is between Tyler Johnson and Andre Dawkins. Tyler got his first minutes tonight and he showed off. Andre has been wet in the minutes he’s played and is easily among the best shooters on the team.

The thing I noticed was Tyler gets ball handling responsibilities when he’s on the floor. He’s athletic and can make shots from anywhere. Perhaps his additional versatility will get him a spot over Andre, but I really like both.

The team started decent tonight, then got shaky, but were able to close it out with a win.

Shawne is just another guy that makes you understand the true depth of this year’s roster.  Spoelstra just did an interview calling Shawne one of the best shooters on the team, and tonight we saw why.

But honestly, it’s difficult to gauge what this team can do until Josh is playing.  His skillset will change a lot of things offensively and guys will get some easier buckets thanks to his passing.

A win is a win, though.  3 more games left before the games start to matter.

After cutting Reggie Williams and Chris Johnson, Heat still have 3 players that they need to get rid of.  It will come down to Khem Birch, Tyler Johnson, Shawne Jones and Andre Dawkins.

Tyler has gotten no minutes in pre-season, whereas Andre Dawkins has been intriguing.  Khem Birch is also interesting, in case Miami wants to keep him around for big man depth.

Watched the game live yesterday, so I figure I’ll just drop some quick thoughts.

Felt weird seeing LeBron in another uniform.

Shabazz and James showed off during the fourth and OT.  They’ve had great chemistry ever since Summer League, and any time they’re on the floor together good things seem to happen.

The defense is a WIP but it’ll get better.  Main question mark is the interior d.  Bird seems to play a lot of minutes, even off the bench.  Hopefully when he’s healthy, Justin Hamilton will be used to reduce some of them.

Won’t be able to see how the team looks with McRoberts until the start of the season, which is disappointing.

Bradley Beal won’t play for the Wizards on opening night, so that takes away some of the anticipation for that game.

Reggie Williams and Tyler Johnson are still no-shows.  No idea why.

Heat fans are going to love James Ennis, that’s for sure. It’s funny that Eric and Tony gave the impression that he would be fighting for a roster spot. That won’t be the case at all.

From the looks of what’s been happening so far in preseason, perhaps Reggie Williams and Tyler Johnson will be on the outs. We’ll have to wait and see.

Overall, despite the two losses, I’ve liked what I’ve seen both offensively and defensively. The team’s full potential won’t begin to show until Josh starts playing, but we’re seeing some of that energetic and athletic swarming defense that has gone missing in recent seasons.

Well, everybody knows what’s next: the game against the Cavs in Brazil, which the world will be watching.

Red/White/Pink game was fun to watch.

Though some of the guys doing what they did might be new to some, I knew going in what to expect.  That’s exactly what has had me excited for months.

Shabazz impressed with his dribbling and passing.  James Ennis beat his man off the dribble a couple times and looked exactly how we expected him to look.  Shawne Williams did what I expected, though he didn’t showcase his shotblocking ability at all.  Danny Granger looked like the career 38% 3p shooter that I expected to see.  Luol was doing some really nice things on offense.

Sadly we didn’t get a glimpe of McRoberts’ passing and shooting, as he’s recovering from toe surgery.

I do hope parts of this uptempo style will be a main aspect of this year’s offense, and not just for the fans tonight.  Plenty of athletes and finishers on this year squad who can light it up on the break.

Though pre-season starts on Saturday against the Pelicans, it won’t be shown on TV.  You can watch next week’s game against Orlando on Tuesday though.

Miami Heat Media Day 2014.  Handful of players get asked about LeBron… of course.

Rio doing the shmoney dance.

Hope you had a nice summer… but that’s over with.  It’s #HeatSeason once again.

Blatche and (Jordan) Crawford signed to play in China. I’m pretty satisfied with the wing depth, so Crawford is no biggie. But unless Spoelstra finally plays J-Ham, the bigs depth will be an issue. Though, who knows. With the supposed changes in defensive philosophy, things could play out differently.

Training camp is almost here, finally.

Andray Blatche is on his way to Miami to talk about a deal, Heat talking to Keith Smart about assistant coach opening

Blatche lives in Miami so he’d be coming here anyway, but several reports say he’ll be possibly talking to the Heat to negotiate a contract.

If Blatche signs, he’d end up being probably the second most valuable addition this summer.  Blatche does everything in limited minutes.  His per 36 stats from last year are crazy: 18 ppg, 8 rpg, 2 apg, 1 bpg and 1 spg.  He’s a legit 6’11” so he’d give us the height and rebounding that we’ve wanted.

By now folks know that Ron Rothstein and Bob McAdoo have stepped down from their assistant coach positions.  While Ron will be part of the broadcasting team, I’m not sure what Bob will do.  Heat are looking to promote Juwan Howard to assistant coach and are also looking to possibly hire Keith Smart.  Smart hasn’t had much success as a head coach with the Warriors and Kings, but he’d bring an uptempo offense to Miami.  Kings were 10th in scoring and 8th in Pace with him as their coach a couple years ago, and signs are showing that Spoelstra wants to turn this team into an exciting fastbreak offense to take advantage of all the athletes and passers we now have.

These are the things to keep tabs on before the season starts next month.

Might be our last signing if it happens.  Him and Deng could bring some of that Bulls defense to the team, but at 37 years of age, I don’t expect much. Just another big to throw out there and take fouls/block shots.