Stance x D-Wade Summer 2014 Socks Collection

Stance is honored to collaborate with Dwyane Wade for our latest collection. Like DWade, these socks blend substance and style. Anything but quiet, the Dwyane Wade Collection delivers a solid dose of color and class. Whether you’re just kicking back or stepping out, these socks are ahead of the game.

Instead of wearing his usual #8, Ennis is going to rock #32.  That’s a legendary number.  Hopefully he’s looking to make a statement while wearing it next season.

Interesting that they aren’t advertising Napier jerseys yet.

I know DW is staying off social media more, trying hard to avoid all these videos and discussions about if he’s still a star.  He needs to focus on getting his weight adjusted and coming back a better player.

Conflicted about James Jones signing with Cavs

On one hand, we didn’t use him at all and his defense was bad.  On the other hand, he’s a Miami guy and it was cool having him here to rep the city along with Udonis.  Plus I can’t imagine him getting playing time there either behind LeBron, Wiggins, Waiters and Miller, so he’s just going to ride the bench towards another ring.  

Heat still have three roster spots.

James Ennis injured his groin against Clippers

JE was the most exciting player on the team so it sucks that he got injured.

Heat management have been impressed.  At this point it’s best to shelf him until training camp and pre-season.

Sadly, the team has suddenly gotten so deep that he might end up being a rarely used sub, which is unfortunate.  Would love to see him be the backup SG to DW, but there’s talk of the Heat bringing in Brandon Rush.

Dwyane Wade agrees to 2 year deal (with opt out)

DW believes not only in Pat’s ability to keep the roster competitive for this upcoming season, but his focus on reloading in 2016, which is what all these 2-year deals are geared towards.

Dwyane is now focused on retiring as a Heat player, something not even Zo, Tim or other Heat greats have done throughout their careers.

Dwyane has never gotten the full amount of money possible in any of his contracts with the Heat.

Josh McRoberts 2013-2014 highlights.

Josh’s passing ability will improve the ball movement in ways people won’t even expect.  He’ll easily get Bosh several easy baskets per game, and he can can be a spot-up threat from beyond the arc when Bosh posts up, which I fully expect to see more of next season.

His underrated athleticism will bring lobs back to the offense as a weapon.

I truly hope the coaching staff can help him improve his rebounding, which will be a big help for us.

It’s time to get over the “Hollywood Heat” era and get back to Miami Heat Basketball

Heat will always draw superstars here, now that they have a championship pedigree with a tried and true formula for success, but the team’s mantra needs to overcome the glitz and glamour.  Miami’s defense was a shell the past two years, while the first two years were incredible.  It’s time the team got back to the basics.

Both Granger and Deng are exceptional perimeter defenders, while James Ennis and Shabazz are excellent at breaking up passes and starting fastbreaks.  Miami’s interior defense can be improved, even with Birdman resigned.  Oden wants to come back and he wants to play; if his health can stay up to par and he actually breaks the rotation this time, he’ll be extremely valuable.  Bosh has improved immensely as a defender.

Miami has the potential to be a much better defensive team than last year.  They’re hungry again, and motivated by all the doubters calling them a lottery bound franchise.  This offseason hasn’t gone the way I thought it would, but thanks to Sunday, I couldn’t be more happy about my team and how they’ve responded.  They will compete while focusing on 2016.  

But it starts with the defense.  That’s Miami Heat basketball.

James Ennis dunk highlights from his season in Australia.  Led the team in scoring and was the MVP.

He’s going to bring plenty of highlights to the AAA.

James Ennis, Heat highlights vs Houston (7/12)

When the Heat drafted Ennis in the second round last year, he was 22 years old, 6’7” and 209 lbs.  Some people claim he’s grown an inch and is now 6’8” and has added a few more pounds, but that has yet to be confirmed.  Ennis has by far been the most impressive player on the Heat’s summer league squad, but this should come as no surprise.  He spent a year overseas in Australia, averaging over 21 ppg and leading his team to a championship.

Ennis is a lock for the Heat’s roster next season, as the team promised him a spot back in late 2013 if he put in the work… and he has.  He would be, by far, the most athletic and explosive player on the team.  With him also could mean the return of fastbreak opportunities that we haven’t seen for nearly two years as the roster began to age.

He averaged 17 ppg on 52% in the five games in Orlando, and just dropped 19 points in the first Vegas SL game.  He’s got all the tools to be an important player for the Heat next season and for years to come.

Birdman rejoins Heat with multiyear deal

Woj just broke the news.

Now we’ll see what vets “have the guts” and will keep fighting with the current Heat squad.

So far it’s a pretty good mix of old and new.

Serge Toussaint, creator of the Heat mural in Wynwood, isn’t mad at all about it being vandalized.  In fact he showed up to add his own vandalism and speak his mind on LeBron leaving.

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