NBA Salaries - Miami Heat

Check out who will be under contract for next season.  This will be a crazy Summer with many possibilities for how the Heat will look next year.


Really? Not even a win against the lowly Sixers? Ending the season with 3 straight losses? Ugh.

The season is over and the playoffs begin for the Heat this Sunday. Unlike the past two seasons, my confidence isn’t as strong. The inconsistency has bothered me along with the lack of effort over the past month. It’s nice to see Wade and Oden back, so there’s plenty of optimism still around. The playoffs are a new start and nothing from the regular season matters. But having bad habits don’t just go away. Expect for them to work on things the next several days.

Bobcats are a much better matchup than the Wizards, and the Pacers/Bulls will beat each other up over the course of the postseason, and if we’re lucky the Raptors will knock out the Nets.

This tweet made this dude super popular.  Seriously doubt he had 5,000 followers before then.

I guess in more important news… LeBron got a fade.


LeBron James of the Miami Heat flexes during the game against the Indiana Pacers at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida on April 11, 2014.
(Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images)


LeBron James of the Miami Heat flexes during the game against the Indiana Pacers at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida on April 11, 2014.

(Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images)

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Was expecting a win. Instead we got one of the worst losses of the season.

I said it months ago that I just didn’t like the inconsistency we kept seeing. The regular season is over this week, and yet the same issues are still there. Oden has been nowhere to be seen and probably won’t be a factor as we had hoped.

I still want to believe they’ve just been buying time and playing half-assed on purpose. How they play in the playoffs will determine everything though.


In the past few years, this team had a second gear that they could go to.  When they turned up, they could obliterate anyone on offense or defense.Because of that, Heat fans have had supreme confidence in their ability to beat anybody.  But that gear hasn’t been on this year’s team as often.  If a team is beasting on the Heat, we can’t expect them to just ramp it up and come from behind all the time.  It only happens in big games against opponents that matter.

Tonight was unfortunately more proof of that fact.  Atlanta really wanted to win, and they got it.

2nd seed is not the end of the world, especially with how badly Indiana has been playing.  I don’t expect them to beat OKC tomorrow, but we’ll see.  Miami now has two games left.  I’m expecting both to be wins since Washington is already clinched and probably will rest players, and Philly is one of the worst teams in the league.


Well… that’s done.  PG can visit his baby mama now.

3 games left against Atlanta, Washington and Philly.  The first two will be tough since Atlanta is fighting to stay 8th seed, meanwhile Washington is clinched but they’ll have something to prove like everybody else does when they play the Heat (they blew us out in January).  Philly, count that as a win.

I’m just happy the regular season is finally done after this week.  Hopefully we’ll be seeing Dwyane and Greg soon.


They’ve gone right back to their bad habits. Unbelievable.

Right before our eyes they’re giving away the top seed back to Indiana, who won tonight. The defense is once again inconsistent and the injuries are starting to be problematic for the team’s depth/rotation.

Friday is a big game. If they lose, we should just start focusing on having the second seed and getting healthy. It’s not the end of the world, but this slippage is incredibly annoying with the playoffs so close.


This is another loss with an asterisk by it.  Plumlee got away with a goaltend on Bosh, and then later a foul that wasn’t called on LeBron’s potential game-winning dunk.  Refs have been annoying af this season and I can tell the playoffs are going to have me stressed.

Miami is 0-4 vs the Nets (plus 0-2 in preseason).  That team has the psychological edge right now going into any playoff matchup.  But the Heat has to get over this loss quickly.  They have Indiana on Friday and that game will probably end up determining who keeps the top seed.

In a perfect week Miami would’ve shown dominance against both the Nets and Pacers this week, but unfortunately shit happens.


Great defense.  Kept almost everybody in check and limited them to only 9 points off the bench.  Don’t know wtf JR Smith put in his Cheerios, but LeBron turned up and outmatched his production.  Was puzzled in the first half that they made the Knicks shoot 38% and yet they were somehow up by two.

Don’t look now but Spoelstra might’ve discovered a secret weapon.  This current lineup is just amazing at d.  I would not be shocked if we saw it a lot during the playoffs.  Toney Douglas has sure found his way here in a short time.


Great game, not mad at the loss.  Wolves were playing with another gear for some reason, which is surprising since they’re most likely not going to beat out Phoenix or Memphis for the 8th spot in the West.  Missed freethrows and a few defensive slip ups cost the Heat a victory.

Indiana lost tonight also so this loss doesn’t cost Miami the top seed.  Knicks won’t be an easy game on Sunday either; they’ve been playing better recently.


Bucks are the worst team in the league, so nothing of interest here.  Would rather talk about LeBron’s freestyle that dropped yesterday.  Eh… nah, I’ll leave that alone too.

Birdman is on the brink of having the highest single season FG% in Heat history.  I wasn’t even paying attention until now, but that’s crazy.